Rebelodrom ist der Name für ein Aktionslabor (in- und outdoor, bzw. im Netz) das melodramatische Interventionen in spezifischen öffentlichen und politischen Handlungsräumen in Wien entwickelt und realisiert.
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The Making of a Rebellious Telenovela

Watch out for the new production of MELODROM!

brut Künstlerhaus
5.10 20:00, 6.10 20:00, 8.10 20:00, 9.10 20:00, 10.10 20:00, 11.10 20:00, 

Melodrom/The Making of a Rebellious Telenovela continues an artistic research process that started in 2010 with the successful production Who Shot the Princess? Boxstop Telenovelas in brut. After a symposium in 2011 and workshops in the summer 2012 about the connection between politics and aesthetics in South America, the new stage work of the Austrian-Mexican artists’ collective around Gin Müller deals with a rebellious telenovela. The passionate test of their own political desires takes the group back into an unknown past read queerly. The protagonists and the romantic couple of the Pasión Rebelde – the Mexican telenovela star Flor Edwarda Gurrola and performance artist Katia Tirado – are on the lookout for their own rebellious history and resume contact with activists on a global scale. Escaping a media conspiracy, the team’s research turns into a melodrama about common political action, love, treachery and an unknown “She Guevara Myth”. The borders of production and telenovela are increasingly blurred and present the image of activist possibilities for action and (un)known queer utopias.

On 5 October after the performance there is a ‘fiesta pasional’ with Lisa Kortschak & Vida Bakondy.
On 11 October after the performance come chill to Latin sounds by DJ Colectivo.

Gin Müller, Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Katia Tirado, Tiosha Bojorquez, Chris Thaler, Nils Olger, Jan Machacek, Martin Zistler, Tom Waibel, Bini Adamczak, Sabine Marte, Micha González, Fran Ilich, Markus Hausleitner, Katarína Csányiová, Rupert Müller, Vladi Tschapanov, Oliver Stotz

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