Rebelodrom ist der Name für ein Aktionslabor (in- und outdoor, bzw. im Netz) das melodramatische Interventionen in spezifischen öffentlichen und politischen Handlungsräumen in Wien entwickelt und realisiert.
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workshop 06/12

The workshop/seminar Melodrom: Melodrama, Telenovela, Rebellion by Gin Müller and Tom Waibel will take place on 4 dates starting May 15 at the Institute for Theatre, Film, and Media Sciences, University of Vienna. Together with the participants Müller and Waibel try to explain the connection between melodrama, telenovela, and rebellion in the context of a staged global media world and examine the correlation to images of emotions, gender performances, passionate dialogues, but also the political struggle for recognition.
15. May, 17:00–20:00 Jura Soyfer-Saal of the Institute for Drama -, Film- und Mediastudies of the University Vienna: Introduction, overview  and formalities of the workshop/seminar.
10. June, 13:00–18:00 Jura Soyfer-Saal: "Trouble of the World" – The melodramatic form in filmtheory und filmhistory; with Elisabeth Streit (Filmtheorist and librarian in the Austrian Filmmuseum).
14. June, 15:00–19:00 Jura Soyfer-Saal: "Queering Gender" – On the subversion of gender-stereotypes within melodramatic forms
15. June, 15:00–19:00 Soyfer-Saal: "Who shot the Princess" – Princessdrama and melodrama analysed in a theatrical play from Gin Müller
30. June, 13:00 Presentation of the outcomes of the workshop / seminar in  brut im Künstlerhaus.

Admission free. Start is possible at any time without registration.
An event in co-operation with the lecture of Dr. Gin Müller at the Institute for Drama, Film, and Mediastudies, University of Vienna

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