Rebelodrom ist der Name für ein Aktionslabor (in- und outdoor, bzw. im Netz) das melodramatische Interventionen in spezifischen öffentlichen und politischen Handlungsräumen in Wien entwickelt und realisiert.
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So. 25. Sept. 11

Programm So. 25.9.11 Symposia Melodrama and Rebellion

15:00 Panel
Melodrama and Violence

At present the daily routine in Mexico is marked by politics of escalation and violence invading the public space in outrageous form and undreamed intensity. Faced with the interminable femicides in Ciudad Juárez, one of the worlds most dangerous cities, confronted with the escalation of violence in the war on drugs and in view of the increasingly detected mass-graves of migrants the panel raises the question which possible political means could response to all that.
With Katia Tirado, Flor Edwarda Gurrola und Tjosha Bojorquez et. al., admission free.

16:30 Film
La Ley de Herodes / Herod's Law
R: Luís Estrada (Mexico 2000)

"Herod's Law" is a political satire narrating the antecedents of the current situation in Mexico akin to civil war. The mayor of a small town is killed by the citizens and the faithful party member Juan Vargas is deployed to the job. He tries to  administrate the town honestly, but he makes no progress without the integrating into the corrupt political system. Finally he uses the law for profiting, intimidates the citizen and becomes a murderer… The black comedy describes the climate of generalized corruption that backed the "party of institutionalized revolution" to keep up power during various decades.

Admission free.

19:15 Discussion
Melodrama and Zapatismo

The transnational impact of the resistance, insurrection und constituent power of the Zapatista – who influenced social movements as hardly any other contemporary political practice – is not least due to a successful mixture of militant action and melodramatic articulation. The panel discusses the reasons why this mixture became so attractive and how it is realized in political daily routine.
Gin/i Müller, Katia Tirado, Tjosha Bojorquez, Jens Kastner and Tom Waibel. Admission free.

20:15 Impulse
Melodrama and Her/History of Film

A compact view on meanings and uses of Melodrama in Her/History of Film. Melodrama is both, a deprecated and beloved genre that ranges from tear-jerking to a laundering of sentiments.
Impulse from Elisabeth Streit; admission free.

20:30 Film
Corazón del tiempo / Heart of Time
R: Alberto Cortés (Mexico 2008)

In the midst of the Zapatista rebellion a young women is going to be married. While the Mexican army is increasingly occupying resistant territories, her marriage is decided. But the bride is in love with another one – an insurgent – and conflict with traditional and revolutionary law is inevitable. The film reflects these difficulties in a narration comprehending generations and evolving against the backdrop of the political and military empowerment and autonomy of the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional).
Admission free.

22:00 Chill-out
Romantic and rebellious music with tequila; admission free.

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