Rebelodrom ist der Name für ein Aktionslabor (in- und outdoor, bzw. im Netz) das melodramatische Interventionen in spezifischen öffentlichen und politischen Handlungsräumen in Wien entwickelt und realisiert.
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Sa. 24. Sept. 11

Programm Sa. 24.9.11 Symposia Melodrama + Rebellion 

14:00 Panel
Melodrama und Gender Politics
The performance Who shot the Princess? is just a box-stop within a broader process of the performative exploration of Melodrama as a specific articulation of resistant gender politics. The next step is the transformation of Melodrama into Melodrom as a societal battlefield of emotional acceleration and medial diversion. It is nothing but a theoretical and performative change of tires in the on-going reflection of Boxstop-Telenovelas.
With Gin/i Müller, Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Katia Tirado, Chris Thaler, Hansel Sato, Tom Waibel and Martin Plattner; admission free.

16:00 Lecture
Melodrama und Political Agency

The examination of Melodrama is intensified by the comparison of the research of current forms of political performance and melodramatic politics in Latin America and Europe. Considerations on the European genesis of melodramatic political rhetoric are contrasted with reflections on political activism and melodramatic militancy in Latin America.
Lectures of Tina Leisch and Oliver Marchart; admission free.

17:30 Discussion
Melodrama und Social Resistance

Following the lectures on political agency in the melodrama a panel discussion raises questions regarding the potential of resistance in melodrama.
With Tina Leisch, Oliver Marchart, Jens Kastner and the Latin Lobby; admission free.

20:00 Theatre/Performance
Who shot the Princess? Boxstop Telenovelas
Gin/i Müller, Flor Edwarda Gurrola, Nils Olger u. a. (Vienna/Mexico)
brutproduction. Entrance: 14,-/8,-/6,-*

Melodrama, Death, Love, Rebellion... from Princess Dramas to rebellious Telenovelas: inspired by Mexican telenovelas and Elfriede Jelinek’s Princess Dramas, Who shot the Princess? Boxstop Telenovelas unveils a broad array of princess-projections of classic fairytale and historian figures, film divas, artists and rebels. In this Austro-Mexican co-production the actress Flor Edwarda Gurrola is wandering trough different worlds of Telenovela while changing into various un/dead Princesses: As Infanta she experiences a Jelinek- Snow White-Déjà-vu in the woods, as Carlota from Mexico she celebrates a fatal comeback with Emperor Maximiliano, and as Frida Kahlo she actually doesn’t want to be part of it anymore. On the run from TV-business she finally falls in love in a melodramatic Pasión Rebelde, in which Melodrama and Rebellion are in fusion.

22:00 Party
Melodrama und Excess

Transdisciplinary party with excessive Latino rhythms and melodramatic surprises. Slam-Poetry-Performance of Tiosha Bojorquez; admission free.

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