Rebelodrom ist der Name für ein Aktionslabor (in- und outdoor, bzw. im Netz) das melodramatische Interventionen in spezifischen öffentlichen und politischen Handlungsräumen in Wien entwickelt und realisiert.
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Melodrama and Rebellion

Symposium on Politics and Aesthetics in Europe and Latin America
From 23 to 25 of September 2011
All day event in brut im Künstlerhaus with Theatre, Film, Discussion, Lecture, Performance and Party.

Within the framework of the Austro-Mex-Tour of the production Who shot the Princess? – Boxstop Telenovelas the symposium is dedicated to reflect on Melodrama and Rebellion, Politics and Aesthetics in Europe and Latin America. From 23 to 25 of September the current political potential of melodramatic forms of narration and action is investigated throughout theoretical and performative interventions (discussion, film, performance and party). From the very beginning Melodrama is a dominant strategy to narrate the popular Latin American Telenovelas. The symposium sets up a temporary laboratory to explore today’s strategies of action and forms of emotional acting-out in the struggle for consensus, dissent and social rights. It sets up the question how political desire can be articulated and/or embodied in language and gesture. What characterizes the actions of rebellious subjects nowadays?

The event takes place in English and German. Books, magazines, information, tortillas, nachos and Zapatista coffee for head and heart.
Designed and presented by Gin/i Müller and Tom Waibel.

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